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Christine Martin Law handles all kinds of cases in Laguna Hills, CA and the surrounding area

Everyone deserves capable representation, regardless of the charges they're facing. Christine Martin Law advocates for residents of Laguna Hills, CA and the surrounding area who have been accused of any type of crime. I'm the criminal defense attorney you want in your corner.

Our criminal defense services cover...

  • White-collar crimes: Bribery and extortion | Embezzlement | Forgery | Fraud | Money laundering
  • Domestic violence: Disorderly conduct | Harassment | Stalking | Strangulation | Unlawful imprisonment | Violation of a protective order
  • Violent crimes: Arson | Assault and battery | Carjacking | Kidnapping | Manslaughter and murder | Mayhem
  • Drug crimes: Conspiracy to sell drugs | DUI | Manufacture of illegal substances | Operation of a methamphetamine lab | Possession of drugs or paraphernalia | Prescription drug fraud | Sale of illegal substances in a school zone | Trafficking
  • Theft crimes: Armed robbery | Burglary | Grand theft | Pickpocketing | Robbery | Shoplifting
  • Sex crimes: Indecent exposure | Prostitution | Rape | Sexual assault | Solicitation | Unlawful sex with a minor

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so reach out today to discuss your charges with me.