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A Premier Criminal Defense Firm in Orange County

Christine Martin Law® handles all kinds of cases in Laguna Hills, Tustin, and Orange, CA

Everyone deserves capable representation, regardless of the charges they're facing. Christine Martin Law® advocates for residents of Laguna Hills, Tustin, and Orange, CA and all of Orange County. I'm the criminal defense attorney you want in your corner.

Our criminal defense services cover...

  • White-collar crimes: Bribery and extortion | Embezzlement | Forgery | Fraud | Money laundering
  • Domestic violence: Disorderly conduct | Harassment | Stalking | Strangulation | Unlawful imprisonment | Violation of a protective order
  • Violent crimes: Arson | Assault and battery | Carjacking | Kidnapping | Manslaughter and murder | Mayhem
  • Drug crimes: Conspiracy to sell drugs | DUI | Manufacture of illegal substances | Operation of a methamphetamine lab | Possession of drugs or paraphernalia | Prescription drug fraud | Sale of illegal substances in a school zone | Trafficking
  • Theft crimes: Armed robbery | Burglary | Grand theft | Pickpocketing | Robbery | Shoplifting
  • Sex crimes: Indecent exposure | Prostitution | Rape | Sexual assault | Solicitation | Unlawful sex with a minor

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so reach out today to discuss your charges with me.