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Do you have a warrant out for your arrest?

Do you have a warrant out for your arrest? Did you fail to appear in court? This is what to do when you have an arrest warrant or a bench warrant in California. What is a warrant? In general terms, a warrant is an order issued by a competent officer,...

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Have you been charged with a felony? If yes, you have the right to a Preliminary Hearing.

What is a Preliminary Hearing? A preliminary hearing is an evidentiary hearing that is held prior to a felony trial; the goal is to prevent unnecessary arrest and imprisonment by assessing whether there is enough evidence to compel a case to trial....

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What is Restitution?

If you are convicted by a crime either by trial or guilty plea, you will likely have to pay a restitution fine and/or restitution to the victim(s). The goal of restitution is to make a victim whole again after a crime has been committed. “To the...

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