March, 29 2020

In this current climate, amid COVID-19, the rights of inmates and clients in the criminal justice system are being violated.
Only a few states are doing what is necessary to safe guard some of these rights.

In Philadelphia, police are delaying responses to non-violent offenses, such as drug, theft, and prostitution.
In an executive order, governor Jared Polis of Colorado granted the director of the Department of Corrections broad authority to release people within 180 days of their parole eligibility date, and suspended limits on awarding earned time, to allow for earlier release dates.

New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner signed an order calling for the temporary release of 1,000 people from jails(almost 10% of their jail population) across the state of New Jersey who are serving county jail sentences for probation violations, municipal court convictions, "low-level indictable crimes," and "disorderly persons offenses." Many courts have closed, delaying numerous jury trials. They are trying to prevent jurors, clients, attorneys and court staff to from exposure.